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Collective Resourcing:


October 2020 -  Five short clips on Resource Rich Constellations with Beth Tener, Simon D’Orsogna, and myself:


1-     4 minutes.

Beth describes the origins of this form during a gathering in 2018.


2-    3 minutes.

Offering the possibility that the constellation also grows capacity in the community, not only the Seeker/Client.

Introduction to co-presencing as a practice - relational resourcing. One of Beth’s images, “Portals of Power” is shown.


3-         3 minutes

Considering “The Emerging Future” as the client in this form of constellations.

Introducing the inquiry “What does The Emerging Future/Great Love want?”

“Can we use the constellation as an evolutionary process, not just for the so-called ‘client’, but for the entire group?”


4-   4 minutes. 

Introducing Beth’s image “The Big Picture” that we use to set up the Resource-Rich constellation 


5-  3 minutes

A few more details about how these constellations are run - they begin with this image, and we allow the elements to interact and orient with the person and their issue.


--Expanded form of Constellations for Collective Resourcing - May 2019     

This article offered some new ideas about resourcing and constellation design, based on some earlier experiences.


Same file, on a Google Doc:



-- Collective Resourcing with image - July 2019

Two months later, we found ways to use the ideas from May 2019 in constellations work.

This article shows one version of a process for collective resourcing, the Resource Rich constellation, and describes some direct experiences of this process


Same file, on a Google Doc



--Resource Rich Constellations Handout

A handout used after teaching/demonstrating the Resource-Rich process to a training group.



--“Small Plates Menu” approach to teaching constellation facilitation.

This contains a diagram of 4 aspects of the work, and a few exercises for each aspect, along with some description of my own background.


[     is the Venn Diagram of 4 aspects of facilitation without the other pages ]



--Representation as Spiritual Practice - Karen Dremel Master’s Thesis  Table of Contents  Body of the Paper



Co-Presencing Related articles


--Some images by Beth Tener

Lovely and evocative visual portrayals of some of the energetic dynamics in group spaces.

(Beth’s professional website is at



--Some descriptions of the Co-presencing process, with links to some of the communities that offer some variation of it

  This handout was offered during a facilitator training in July 2020. 

PDF Version:

Google Docs Version:



--Link to Ria Baeck’s Collective Presencing site

Ria has done a great deal of work and mapping in this area. She makes some very good and useful distinctions here…



--Different Kinds of We-Space Magic

An attempt to describe some of the different kinds of experiences that show up in different kinds of collective spaces, including Constellations, co-presencing, and other We-Spaces. When Ria Baeck read this, she said, half-jokingly “You summarized my book in one page” (Her book has many more distinctions and examples than my rough framework)


Google Docs version: