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More detailed invitation, intention, and some process description of July 2016 Social Alchemy Retreat


Four Concepts to help guide and inform bringing Constellations to social issues


Some concepts from Constellation work that may be helpful for new participants


Harvest and Summary of July 2016 Social Alchemy Retreat (more to be added later)

-“What distracts us from the Race Conversation?” . Collated report from various participants of one constellations done at the retreat

-Black Lives Matter event in Western MA in July 2016. This occurred a few days before the Retreat, led by some of the participants of the Retreat. There is a good description of the entire process, which includes a collective constellation done with people who were unfamiliar with the work, and had a constructive and powerful experience


 Supportive Circles for deeper engagement with social issues:  

Here is an invitation and information on the process we used for our local collective constellations, mentioned in the interview with Anel Hamersma of REAL Academy:

Our Invitation to people:

An Outline of the Process we offered:

A report/harvest from one event in Nov 2016

Some notes from the actual constellation done at Nov 2016 event